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    Feature your hotel on, a platform dedicated to connecting travelers with exceptional long-stay accommodations around the UAE.

    Our goal is to revolutionize people’s perceptions of hotel stays and transform long-term hotel stays into a viable, cost-effective, and fun experience for our customers.

    We focus exclusively on long-term stay HOTELS. 

    About Us

    We are part of the Azora group, owning and managing the Nita.Agency Brand, which manages one of the world’s leading influencer’s groups with more than 1,700 influencers reaching well over 450 million users worldwide and 3 million exposures in the UAE. We bring over 17 years of international marketing and media experience, with a proven track record of generating quality leads and increasing revenues.


    World’s leading influencer’s


    Users worldwide


    Exposures in the UAE

    Register your property now to join our exclusive platform and start reaching more customers today!

    We are the world's only platform dedicated exclusively to long-term hotel accommodations.

    Our user-friendly app enables us to present these hotels to our clients throughout the UAE and beyond. Hotels can adjust their pricing at any time via our management interface.

    Partnership Models:

    We can work either on a commission-based model or a markup model.

    We are excited about the prospect of welcoming YOUR PROPERTY to our curated collection of long-stay accommodation.

    Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximize your property’s potential!

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